GET THE RIGHT INFORMATION FROM THE RIGHT PLACE – TeamApp. A message from the Bayside United Football Club Committee.

We have heard your feedback from the sidelines about wanting to get accurate club information quickly and without asking different people or checking multiple sites.

Bayside United has launched improved central communications by using TeamApp communication tools for all club and team communication.

TeamApp was already used by the club for notifications and has been expanded to allow individual teams to access functions like RSVP for games, indicate availability,  respond via a chat function or post events. 

As TeamApp will be the single source of key information, the Bayside United Facebook page will no longer be used for administrative announcements or reminders, but will become a true social media channel, a medium for good news stories and pictures. 

To support this change to consistent communication the Team Managers Facebook page has ceased operation. This function is now in TeamApp with closed group called “Team Managers”.

While you’re in TeamApp you will notice a group for every team. This is a private area for your team, complete with chat rooms, event scheduling (including RSVP functions) and the ability to post notices about your player’s availability in the future. We would like all teams to use this functionality as their primary group communications medium. The idea behind this request is to increase participation within the primary communications channel – if everyone is logged into the same system (in this case –App), then information can flow instantly and reliably without checking Facebook, texting or emailing the team. For example – everyone will receive the “Fields Closed” message as soon as that decision is made.

To apply for groups, existing users open TeamApp and select “Settings” from the top right, then select “Access Groups”. Select your team and ensure you are a member of the “All…” group as well. Don’t forget to add a comment below at ‘access request message’ about why you require access – this gives administrators a double check point for your admission to the group. Then click on Update at the top right of the screen to submit your request.

Another piece of feedback that we have received is the frequency and quality of messages being delivered via that App. We would like to ensure you that this has been received and understood. We are currently reviewing the messaging methodology and hope you notice an improvement in this area.