Bayside United relies upon our valued Team Managers to share information about the club, training and games so that our players and parents can know what to expect for a great time on the pitch.

Managers are generally a parent of a child in their team. They work closely with the coach to coordinate training and players and to communicate updates to players and parents. Some of the activities a Manager might do include

-Maintaining an email and mobile list of parents to provide information and quick updates. Team App and other apps can be useful tools.

-Let parents know locations and times of upcoming games

-Collecting weekly game fees

-Keeping an eye on Football Brisbane weather updates to alert parents to field closures

-Tracking game outcomes and updating fixture results on the sports ladder for Under 12 teams & up

Bayside United aims to support Team Managers by providing a closed Facebook page for swift answers to Manager queries; the Bayside United Registrar is an administrator for this page. The club also offers a Managers information night to provide direction to new and continuing Managers.

Managers will need to register for a Football Federation Australia (FFA) number through this website

A Volunteer Blue Card is also required and this can be arranged by completing a Blue Card application here and then printing for submission with your ID to the club Registrar.

Contact the club Registrar on if you will be taking on the role of Manager for your team in 2018 or have any queries.

Our Managers Handbook will be online Soon