This site has been designed for new and current coaches alike.

Our aim with this Coaching Resource site is to provide all our coaches at Bayside United FC with the latest tools, tips and techniques when it comes to developing our current and future soccer stars at the club.

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  • Coach the Coach
  • T.I.C

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    In this course you will find a collection of Coaching Education Videos developed for all coaches new to the game and for those coaches who need a little revision.

    You will also find links to various other coaching tools and further information about expanding your coaching knowledge and education.

    T.I.C.s are the training and coaching objectives of the National Curriculum identifiable within each level according to the age group that is being coached.

    Getting a T.I.C. for football will help you focus on the most important part of the players’ development. In other words, if you look at the Development Goals together with the training and coaching objectives at each level and aim your training outcomes at those, you will not go far wrong. However, the three are not used in isolation and should always be considered together.

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