• 2016 Espresso Dr Cup

    Details and registrations online soon!
  • Annual General Meeting (AGM) 15th of October 2016

    The 2016 AGM will be held on the 15th of October at 2pm

    This years AGM all committee positions will be declared vacant and new committee members will be elected for a three year term.

    AGM will be held in the Bayside United FC Club House

  • Bayside United FCs Mobile Device App

    TABayside United FC now has an App for iPhone and Android devices. You can access it via the App Store or Android Market Place.

    The App is powered by Team App.

    If you already use the Team App for another sport, just search for Bayside United FC and then add it to your list of Teams. If you haven't used Team App before: Download it via the App Store or Android Market Place, Sign up to gain access (an email will then be sent to you to verify your details/email address), Go back into the Team App and Sign In, Search for Bayside United FC and add it as your Team and you will be up and running in no time!